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Talley Vineyards

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Evan Jones, Sales Manager

New Wine Club Members Lounge

We have always tried to continually give our Wine Club Members the best possible service and options when they decide to spend time with us here at the Vineyard.  As we continue that effort, we are VERY excited to announce our newest addition for our Club Members, our Wine Club Members Lounge at our El Rincon Adobe. 

Starting June 9th, we will offer full table service tastings, outdoor and indoor seating, comparative tastings and much more to our Wine Club Members.  Our Rincon Adobe building has long been the symbol of Talley Vineyards and what better way than to use it to give upscale, seated tastings to those who love this place as much as we do! 

We know that our historic building and beautiful surroundings will be a great setting for people to come and enjoy an elevated experience.  We are incredibly excited to have this as an offering and hope you all come join us for our grand opening on June 9th to see what we have put together for you!

Time Posted: Jun 1, 2018 at 1:00 PM
Evan Jones, Sales Manager
January 12, 2018 | Evan Jones, Sales Manager

Touring Talley Vineyards

The employees here at Talley are incredibly lucky to come to work everyday in such a beautiful place and we want to share this one-of-a-kind Winery with everyone.  We have offered a Tour and Taste at Talley Vineyards for a long time, and is a great way of being able to get a “behind the scenes” view of our Winery and Vineyards! 

We have had so much fun doing these tours that we wanted to give everyone a chance to get a more in-depth and elevated tour.  I am happy to introduce our Talley Estate Experience which will begin with a tour of our Tasting Room, East Rincon Vineyard, Winery, and Barrel Room.  Once you have had a chance to see our grounds here, we will head up to the El Rincon Adobe for a comparative tasting of our Single Vineyard wines accompanied by a cheese plate.  Your host will guide you through this tasting as well as a full background and history of Talley Vineyards, Talley Farms and El Rincon Adobe.

We all love sharing Talley Vineyards special characteristics and think this is a great way to really get a chance to see what we do here.  Whether you are a first-time customer looking for a fun and educational time or a long time Wine Club member looking for an incredible new experience here, I highly recommend this amazing experience. 
I look forward to seeing everyone in 2018!

Time Posted: Jan 12, 2018 at 2:00 PM
Evan Jones, Sales Manager
October 6, 2017 | Evan Jones, Sales Manager

Exercising your Palate

When it comes to wine, we all have different tastes, thoughts, and preferences but there is one tool that we all have and use to make those decisions.  It will help us decide what flavors we can find in a certain varietal, and more importantly, will guide us to what wine we enjoy.  The Palate, defined by Webster’s dictionary as “a person's appreciation of taste and flavor, especially when sophisticated and discriminating”, is that tool.  Whether you are a first-time wine drinker, or a seasoned veteran of wine tasting, this is what will ultimately make you decide whether you enjoy a wine, a winery and/or a winemaker’s style.

Some people are naturals at discerning different flavors in wine but for most of us it takes time and the most enjoyable part of learning about wine, practice.  I like to think of the Palate as a muscle that needs to be worked out to grow.  Now, unlike the gym, this muscle does not get bigger, but instead gets smarter.  As you drink more wines, your palate will become more sophisticated as it has had more exposure to different types of varietals, winemaking and wine regions.  As you exercise your Palate, you will start to hone in on what you like, and don’t like, which will help guide you to wineries and wines you will love.

I will end this with a challenge to those of you who want to exercise your Palate; go out and try a wine you have never had.  Whether that is a varietal you have never had, a new winery you have never been to or a wine region you have never exposed yourself to.  Sit back and enjoy a new wine, exercise your Palate and explore what you truly enjoy about wine.

Time Posted: Oct 6, 2017 at 9:00 AM
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