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Talley Vineyards

Andy McDaniel, 2007-2013
October 26, 2012 | Andy McDaniel, 2007-2013

Wine on Tap

When I joined the Talley Vineyards blogosphere, I vowed to not use my blog to sell anything. That thought is out the window for this blog, because I’m so excited about what we are about to offer our customers! At our annual Harvest Open House on Sunday, November 4th, we are going to start pouring wine on tap and filling growlers! What is a growler, you say? Those of you who are craft beer fanatics like I am probably already know that growlers are reusable containers that you can continue to have refilled where you purchased them. The first commonly-used growlers were metal-lidded pails that would “growl” as carbon dioxide gas escaped from the lid, though ours will be a more convenient and well-sealed 1.89 liter glass container.

On November 4th we will be starting off with a crisp Edna Valley sauvignon blanc. We will then be adding more taps and additional wines, allowing us to offer a variety of wines including some special, seasonal offerings on rotation. One of my favorite aspects of visiting breweries has always been the ability to taste and take home very limited run brews that were not produced in significant quantities for bottling. For the winery, that means that we can make special, small batches of wine and maybe even run a few trials. Additionally, wine on tap and growlers mean less packaging, which is environmentally friendly and reduces costs that we can pass on to you – the customer.  So come on by for our open house, grab a growler full of wine and come back regularly to see what’s on tap!

Blog Contest

I thought you might like to see the answers to my blog contest on some of our tasting room attendants I posted a few weeks back.  Thank you to all who participated.

Mike A.       Worked for thirty years as a school teacher and gives tours at Talley Vineyards
Lucy B.       Our Tasting Room Manager who has been at Talley Vineyards for over nine years
Jane C.       One of two attendants who work on Mondays and match their outfits, also our lead tasting room attendant
Sharon D.       Has worked at Talley Vineyards for over 20 years and considered our “tasting room mom”
Sarah E.        One of two attendants who work on Mondays and match their outfits, also our in-house chef
Marian F.        Runs in marathons including the 2011 Boston and Big Sur Marathons

G.       Is a retired doctor and drives to Talley Vineyards weekly from Cambria

Bobby H.       Aspires to be a Brewmaster and brings a new beer for the staff to try almost every Saturday



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