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Talley Vineyards

Ben Taylor, Vineyard Manager
November 6, 2015 | Production | Ben Taylor, Vineyard Manager

Harvest - A Wrap!

Preparing East Rincon Soil for planting before it rains.

We wrapped up the earliest harvest ever for Talley Vineyards in September and took advantage of our early post-harvest downtime to begin on our new vineyard development in the East Rincon Vineyard Blocks 3 and 5. This planting is planned for 2017, but with our drought conditions and the hope for lots of rain this winter, we decided to get the big dozers in and fracture some dirt while it’s dry. The soils on this specific site are shallow Los Osos- Diablo Clay Loam soils with a lot of serpentine rock below. It took some extensive dirt work to break through the rocky sections of this site but the vines will be very happy with it as it allows their roots to move deeper into the soil sub-sections. This area, known as regolith, is the horizon of soil that consists of parent material from the underlining bedrock and greatly contributes to the terroir of wines.

Talley team with Jeffery Patterson at Mount Eden Vineyards.

This coming spring, we will be planting out new Pinot Noir sites in mostly West Rincon and one Chardonnay site at the very top of East Rincon. This site in East Rincon will be planted with Chardonnay clones from the iconic Mount Eden Vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains. A team of us had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jeffrey Patterson at his special vineyard and talk some shop. We are very much looking forward to planting these clones this spring. Although, we’re probably looking forward more to the wines that take on the unique characteristics that develop from the ideal Chardonnay growing conditions of the Arroyo Grande Valley!


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