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Alyssa Ball, Direct Sales Manager
October 23, 2015 | Events | Alyssa Ball, Direct Sales Manager

Visiting with Our Wine Club Members

My job provides for a lot of interaction with our wine club members via phone or email.  While I enjoy this, I sometimes regret that I get very little face to face time with them.  I am sure the members aren’t suffering at all; when they visit we have a fantastic tasting room staff who knows how to treat them right.  But when the opportunities arise, I look forward to meeting wine club members in person.

Three times per year we host our Talley Family Program wine club members for a pickup party.  It isn’t what you’re thinking – the only thing getting picked up is wine!  I love these events because they present me with a rare chance to visit with members.  This past Sunday we welcomed about 300 Talley Family members to our October pickup party to sample wine, listen to live music from the Delmore Boys, have a bit of food, and pick up their club wines.  I spent the afternoon enjoying chats with as many people as I could, some whom I’d never met and some who I’ve gotten to know fairly well over the years.  I am always happy when I get to interact with our members and let them know how much I appreciate them.

It seemed that what was making everyone else happy was the food.  It is likely that anyone who has been to an event at Talley Vineyards has had the chance to sample something tempting prepared by Sarah Matthews.  For Sunday’s pickup party, Sarah served Butternut Squash Lasagna and, because person after person after person asked for the recipe, I am including a link to it here. RECIPE

For all of our members, please know that it is a pleasure to have you in the club and even if we never get the opportunity to meet, you are greatly valued!



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