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Michele Good, Controller
December 18, 2015 | Michele Good, Controller

Top 10 Things to Do while in SLO Wine Country #6-10

I know you all have been waiting for the rest of my list back on 9/25/15, so here you go.  I could list about 20 other things so feel free to comment if you think I’ve forgotten your favorite activity or location. 

6.  Drive on the beach, watch the sunset and start a fire anywhere you want.  I know, I know…this isn’t terribly PC.  I had lived in SLO since 1987 without ever driving on the beach until this year and I have to admit I absolutely love it.  At the end of Grand Avenue in Grover Beach you can head into the state park for a $5/daily fee, drive out onto the sand, find your spot, park your car, dig a little pit and start a fire wherever you want which is the part that blows my mind.  I prefer the sunset time because it can get crazy during the day with all the cars.  At sunset it’s a bit quieter and so lovely to set up my beach chair, sip some Talley or Bishop’s Peak wine, while watching the sun go down around a warm fire.    When you are ready to head home you just leave the coals burning and the rangers come by and scoop them up. 

7.  Check out some local live music.  In the past few years the central coast music scene has gotten crazy good.  You can always find a band playing somewhere awesome and it is usually for free.  At Talley we have our summer Tunes at Talley concert series and so do many other wineries in the San Luis and Paso Robles area.  You can also find shows at the Cliff’s resort in Shell Beach, at the Sea Pines Golf Course in Los Osos or go to the Beer at the Pier concerts in Baywood Park.  If you want to find out where to catch a show check out Big, Big SLO on either Facebook or on the Big, Big SLO App which highlights the local music scene.  Or go to the San Luis Obispo Visitors and Conference Bureau website where they list a lot of the local shows and other events.

8.  Attend a Festival or Event.  I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say there is some type of event to attend on every single weekend somewhere in our county.  Whether it’s the Home and Garden Show at the Madonna Expo or the Billabong Surf Festival in Pismo Beach.  On any given weekend you can attend the Mac & Cheese Fest, the Bacon Fest, Oktober Fest, the First Responders show, the Greek Food Festival, the Craft Beer fest, the Mozart Fest, the Jazz Jubilee and on and on.  I just went to a Margarita and Avocado festival in Morro Bay.  There are also amazing music festivals…Live Oak, Seven Sisters and Beaverstock.  Not to mention the multitude of wine country events and charity events.  It is sometimes incredibly difficult to figure out what to do over a weekend because there is often so much to choose from.

9.  Cheer at a Cal Poly sporting event.  Cal Poly has high level student athletes and the various venues are really great for watching games as they are relatively small and make you feel close to the action.  I try and go to at least one football game a year, a few women’s volleyball matches and I absolutely go to the Cal Poly vs. UC Santa Barbara men’s soccer match.  It is considered one of the best rivalries in all of sports and it get’s crazy and is a lot of fun.  Cal Poly also has great crowds and support for the Men’s and Women’s basketball programs and those games can get pretty spirited.  My favorite, however, is to attend the softball and baseball games in the spring.  Both stadiums have incredible views of the seven sister’s peaks, the teams are usually very competitive and you feel close to the action.  It’s also nice that the Talley’s have purchased the Krukow’s Klubhouse tickets for employees so that we can enjoy a baseball game in the special section with free beer, wine and hot dogs.

10. Eat, eat and eat some more.  You can’t go wrong with most of the food options up and down the coast.  Whether it’s eating the best chili rellenos at Chapala in Morro Bay, killer brunch while overlooking the ocean or a tri-tip sandwich at one of the many Farmer’s Markets in the area you will not be disappointed.  The list of great places to eat is too long but you kind find any style and any price point to satisfy your stomach.  And of course, wherever you end up, order a glass (or bottle) of your favorite Talley Vineyards wine and relax and know you are in one of the most special places to spend your time.


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