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Lindsey Bateman, Sales & Marketing Asst
November 17, 2017 | Lindsey Bateman, Sales & Marketing Asst

This Thanksgiving, how will you “set your table”?

And I’m not just talking about plates and silverware.  The concept of setting your table goes further than the place settings (but don’t get me wrong, sometimes styling the table is half the fun!)—it is about the moments we share with our friends and family.  The food we eat.  The wine we drink.  You can set your table anywhere—from the dining room to the living room, even a blanket sprawled on the beach.
Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to set your table. 
So here’s to making memories this Thanksgiving.

In case you want a peek into how others spend their turkey day, I’ve asked the Talley crew to share some of their most memorable Thanksgiving moments:

“Flippy Cup” AKA flip cup.  Great for those who love some friendly competition.  This drinking game will get your floors messy, but definitely worth every spill.

We always try to eat our meal early so we have time for a beach walk before sunset. If it's not raining ...

We take in the stray dogs (friends with no thanksgiving plans). This year will be the biggest in a while with 16 people. We cook all day, feast, and then my father-in-law busts out his intense collection of liqueurs and brandies. Drambuie is my jam!

We listen to a lot of music…lots of Adele…

My aunt Ella, who recently passed away, would always bring her green Jello. I remember it being at every Thanksgiving I can remember. I would always put it on my plate but never tried it until last year.

If the weather is nice, which is usually the case here in SLO, my family will head out to the beach, wetsuit up, and go for a morning surf or boogie board session.

My dad makes a Pernod Shrimp appetizer with Crustini that he flambé's and my husband usually smokes our turkey which makes it juicy and flavorful and I watch football all day while cooking the sides.

We started walking on the beach in the morning the last few years, makes you feel a little better before eating so much delicious food later!  Then walk “across the street” to my Grandma’s, decide which of the many wines we want to start with for dinner (which is always a hard decision).  We always say we’re going to play a game, but never get around to it.  I think we end up enjoying the wine too much….

My brother-in-law and I always make ‘competing’ turkeys for Thanksgiving. He usually fries one and I use various roasting or smoking methods.  Everyone wins.

Thanksgiving seems to be one of the days when my family and I remember how much we enjoy games. After we finish the traditional meal, we love to pull out board games or cards for some spirited competition.

We roll pumpkins down our hill after our Thanksgiving meal. Dixie Pearl chases them. 

The day before Thanksgiving, I go to my mother’s house and we bake 4 to 5 different pies. I make the filling and she makes the crust. Half way through the day we have a Mexican cocktail AKA shot of tequila. We tell everyone that we need just a touch of something to keep us going and warm us up. I look forward to this day all year. I have been watching my mom make pies since I can remember. No matter how hard I try to make her pie crust, it never turns out just right.  2 cups of flour, 1 cup of butter, and ½ cup of cold water is all that she uses; yet it tastes like there is so much more in there. Maybe it is her magic rolling pin.  Nothing crazy, just some women baking!


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