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Talley Vineyards

Larry Lemire, Warehouse Coordinator
September 21, 2018 | Larry Lemire, Warehouse Coordinator

The View from the Corner Office

The warehouse being located on one corner of the winery gives me an unobstructed view of our East Rincon vineyard and the surrounding hills.

Shortly after I started working here I told my brother that I work in a warehouse. Immediately he tells me about the mental picture that came to mind of some nondescript building in some anonymous industrial park.  It was not until I had sent him some pictures (and a bottle of wine) that he confessed he now daydreams of giving up his cubicle if we have a job opening.

Having worked here now for a full year I've been able to see the 4 seasons through the vineyards. I've watched the leavesturn in the late fall.  I'll take notice of the bare grapevines on a chilly January morning. I've witnessed the first buds break with a hint of green color in the early spring. I've seen the vineyards transform through the summer as the fruit comes in.  Then in the fall, we come full circle with harvest time and the grape leaves turning into their kaleidoscope of colors again.

As with every job, I get consumed with the task at hand.  I have my desk, my computer, and paperwork that define my workday.  Every once in a while, usually when I'm preoccupied with filling orders, moving pallets, packing, etc.  I will hit the "open" button on the automated warehouse door and, like a theatre curtain rising, the vineyard, the hillsides, and the sky will come into view and make me stop for a moment and just say, "Wow." 

My brother who lives in Los Angeles keeps promising to visit.  I've told him, "The invitations open my man, pull your convertible out of the garage, buy Cindy (his wife) a nice hat, and come up and check out the view here."


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