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Talley Vineyards

Brian Talley, Vintner
March 13, 2015 | Wine Making | Brian Talley, Vintner

The Past and the Future

Lately I’ve been thinking about the past as well as the future.  Stumbling across hundreds of photographs from my grandmother’s photo albums was what got me thinking about the past. 

My grandfather, Oliver Talley, started farming here in the Arroyo Grande Valley in 1948.  This photograph of him was taken in front of a bean field (our main crop at that time) sometime in the late 40s or early 50s, the early days at Talley Farms.  My grandfather established a reputation for treating everyone he worked with, whether a customer, competitor or employee with honesty, fairness and respect.  Those are core values that continue to this day.

Fast forward nearly 40 years to when my parents, Don and Rosemary, founded Talley Vineyards in 1986.  Their vision was to create a special winery that produced wines that tasted like the grapes they grew.  They were just a few years younger than Johnine and I are now when they began this journey, and we are proud to carry it on.  We’ve refined the objective a bit over the years, but fundamentally, we strive to make and share distinctive wines that capture the special character of our place.

A family get together this Sunday made me think about the future.  There are 10 members of the fourth generation of the Talley Family.  Those of us leading Talley Farms and Talley Vineyards now (my mother, Johnine, my cousins and me) are united in the vision that we want to create the best possible opportunity for those members of the next generation who choose to carry on.  It’s our mission to do our best with our people, our land and in our community to make that vision a reality.


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