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Ben Taylor, Vineyard Manager
January 27, 2017 | Ben Taylor, Vineyard Manager

Rainy Day Friday

It’s Friday, January 20, 2017, and I just made it to my office after driving around the ranches. I’m soaking wet but my space heater is on and I have a cup of tea to my left. It was an adventure filled time checking drains as we received an inch of rain in less than an hour. This is very good for our area that has been lacking a good rainy season, but my-oh-my, it’s crazy out there! Looking at our rain totals here for the Rincon ranches, we’re at 19.48” for this year! That’s 2 inches less than the fabled year-average that we haven’t seen in awhile and we’re only the middle of January!

Vines After rainy Friday morning.

This is all very good news for a multitude of reasons.  One thing is less irrigation water that we will need to put out on our grapevines. At Talley Vineyards, we encourage deep rooting by deficit irrigating. In lay person terms, we water to a minimum to force our vines to seek water. They do this by sending their roots deeper into the soil. This is where our vines really find the soil profile that creates the terroirs that are unique to our wines’ flavor profiles. This is great for the quality of the wine but can be very difficult from the farming perspective. Those lower soil zones are where salts get trapped and these salts can affect vine health. This can affect yields and plant development. These big downpours and consistent rain do a great job pushing these salts down, greatly helping the health of our vineyards.

It’s exciting start to 2017, indeed! I’m looking forward to farming this season with a closer to normal rain year and we should see some outstanding wines come out from it! Cheers!


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