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Talley Vineyards

Devon King, Production
May 20, 2016 | Devon King, Production

My First and Only Blog

Friday marks my last day at Talley Vineyards, just a few weeks shy of my 5th anniversary. This has been a bittersweet week for me. I’ve never been good with change and it’s really tough to close the book on this chapter. While I am very excited for my new opportunity, I have been walking around in a nostalgic haze thinking, "This might be the last time I hear Nacho sing” or “I’m really going to miss getting made fun of by Ben at the lunch table.” 

My time at Talley has been unique as I’ve had the opportunity to work in almost all departments. I’ve helped process wine club orders and shipments, packed orders in the warehouse, poured for our wonderful customers in the tasting room, and learned so much as a harvest intern, which turned into a fulltime production position. If you asked me to choose my favorite, I’m not sure I could. But I would not be ready for my next stage without the knowledge and skills that I acquired through the diversity of my roles here.

Coming up with favorite Talley Vineyards memories is tough, because there are hundreds. I’ll remember getting my nickname -it’s a given that at some point at Talley you acquire a nickname. I acquired mine early on thanks to our Cellar Master, Nacho. He never quite learned my name and I became Debit. It stuck and the joke became, “Debit, where’s your brother Credit?” I’ll remember the day Ben left his keys in his truck and I moved the truck and hid the keys. And when Alicia purchased a rubber snake that we used to successfully scare Nacho. I’ll remember that period of time when Eric required a Joke of the Day. I thought my jokes were pretty awesome, but most of the time were met with a sarcastic half laugh and, “Try again tomorrow, Debit.”

There are the memories with my Talley Vineyards family outside of work - celebrating my birthday, attending Cal Poly events, my first trip to Napa with Alyssa, the Pitbull concert at the Midstate Fair with Nicole and Alicia, that very memorable night when Eric and Ben taught me how to shotgun a beer. It’s hard to describe the emotions I feel when I think back on these memories and my love and appreciation for all these people. Does admitting to the fact that I am teary-eyed at my desk as I write help explain?

I am so grateful to Alyssa and the Talleys for taking a chance on me as a young, inexperienced, 19 year-old college student. (My embarrassing cover letter still makes an appearance to haunt me every once and awhile and I still get teased for sounding like a 5 year old in my follow up voicemail.) I’m sure it will be an emotional goodbye as I head down the driveway on Friday. Thank you to all my colleagues for sharing your skills, talents, advice, and friendship with me over the years. I look forward to coming back for a visit and to stock up on all my favorite Talley Vineyards wines! 


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