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Talley Vineyards

Andy McDaniel, 2007-2013
September 28, 2012 | Andy McDaniel, 2007-2013

How Well do you Know the Tasting Room Staff?

To start, I’ve been told that I have a fluffy and lengthy style of writing – so if you want to get to the meat, scroll down to find a game that could win you a prize!

Continuing the tradition of the most frequently used phrases in the tasting room, my line for this week is “How long have you been at Talley Vineyards?”  I usually can determine that they are asking about me personally, but I like to play dumb and tell people that Talley Farms has been in business since 1948 and Talley Vineyards was established in 1982. “Oh, you meant me personally?” I finally tell them that I’ve been here since the summer of 2007.

Almost everyone that comes in to the tasting room seems to be interested in knowing about their servers, which we encourage by having enough staff so that we can really make connections with our customers. If you are what we jokingly refer to as a “frequent flyer,” you may very well know a little bit about all 18 tasting room attendants. That’s right, 18, and all with very unique personalities.

Below, you will find a column with 8 different tasting room attendants and a column with 8 different facts about each of these attendants. The first to match all 8 correctly will win a private winery and vineyard tour for 4 people! Just cut and paste the table below into an email and send your answers to

Staff Contest - Match the Staff Member to their Fact

1. Sharon 4. Mike 7. Sarah
2. Jane 5. Marian 8. Lucy
3. Bobby 6. Dick  
  A.       Worked for thirty years as a school teacher and gives tours at Talley Vineyards
  B.       Our Tasting Room Manager who has been at Talley Vineyards for over nine years
  C.       One of two attendants who work on Mondays and match their outfits, also our lead tasting room attendant
  D.       Has worked at Talley Vineyards for over 20 years and considered our “tasting room mom”
  E.        One of two attendants who work on Mondays and match their outfits, also our in-house chef
  F.        Runs in marathons including the 2011 Boston and Big Sur Marathons

G.       Is a retired doctor and drives to Talley Vineyards weekly from Cambria

  H.       Aspires to be a Brewmaster and brings a new beer for the staff to try almost every Saturday



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