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David Block, National Sales Manager
March 9, 2018 | David Block, National Sales Manager

Great Value doesn't end at the checkout stand

For people who love great wine, there is nothing better than finding one of your favorite varietals  on sale at a local wine shop or even on the internet with a sign proclaiming “Special Saving” or “Lowest Price”.  If you know the brand and are familiar with the actual featured wine, it may feel like you just hit the jackpot.  Some would call that a great value.  But upon closer examination maybe this isn’t the wine you actually know and love, but something similar,

You get your bottle(s) home and anxiously pour the first glass only to reveal that … hmmm this doesn’t taste the same as I recall.  Oh shoot, I like their Red Blend and this is their Merlot.  All kinds of small peculiarities might come into play that clearly let you know that maybe it wasn’t such a great deal after all. Some folks like to cruise the wine aisle looking for that Chardonnay with the cute label.  You know the one with the furry Panda that costs $8.99. But each one of us has our own notion of great value, especially when it comes to wine. How about a great vintage Champagne from a Grand Cru vineyard for $99, or a first growth Bordeaux for $200?  Pssst… I can get you a bottle of Coolio Vineyards for $300, it’s going for $500 at the winery!
Recently, I visited a well known national grocery chain and noticed a large stack of wine that was all priced at $2.99, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, you name it.  All of this wine “specially produced” just for this store. It’s all about perspective and of course, and what you like to drink.

So, if you find that one special wine that satisfies your pallet, drinks great every time you open it, and doesn’t require a cash advance from “Check into Cash” when you buy it, then you likely have found a great value.  However, if you are still searching for that wine, or are looking to expand your list of favorites, I have a suggestion, drop by the tasting room at Talley Vineyards and sample through the vast assortment that awaits.  From the Growler wine program poured from kegs all the way up to vineyard designated Pinot Noir sourced from unique locations in the Arroyo Grande and Edna Valleys, you are assured exceptional value.  These are wines that reflect their vineyard source, are grown and produced by the same family that planted the vineyards some 36 years ago, and operate with the same attention to detail since the very first vintage.
Afterall, there is more to a great value than the price alone.


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