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Talley Vineyards

Brian Talley, Vintner
December 2, 2016 | Brian Talley, Vintner


As we head into the final month of our 30th Year at Talley Vineyards, I'm taking a moment to reflect on all the things that I'm grateful for.  It's rained over four inches so far and even though this has had no measurable effect on Lopez Lake, it has made the hills green which puts me in a good mood.  I'm thankful to be finished with my cookbook.  From the day after Thanksgiving 2015, when I called publisher Bob Morris to discuss my idea for a farm to table cookbook, it has been almost exactly a year.  I expect the final files to be delivered to the printer within days and Our California Table will be released in March of 2017.  Follow this link for a sneak peak.  I'm grateful to farm and make wine in such a special part of the world that affords me the opportunity to produce such a diverse array of fruits, vegetables and truly distinctive wine.

But when I reflect on what I'm truly grateful for, it's the people in my life.  Johnine and I have enjoyed 21 years of marriage and are blessed with our daughters, Elizabeth and Olivia, who are growing into thriving young women that I'm really proud of.  At Talley Farms, it's a privilege to work so closely with my mother and my cousins.  I'm aware that many families struggle in their relationships and I appreciate the love, trust and respect we share, both at work and away from the farm.  At both Talley Farms and Talley Vineyards, I'm grateful to be surrounded by dedicated and passionate people who strive every day to make the vegetables we grow and the wine we make better than ever, and to ensure that the connections with our customers are more meaningful.  Finally, I appreciate the support of our customers and partners who love what we produce and share it with the world.  Best wishes to you and your family this holiday season.


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