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Alyssa Ball, Direct Sales Manager
November 20, 2015 | Events, Tasting Room | Alyssa Ball, Direct Sales Manager

Alicia and Alyssa: There's Two of Us

That’s me, Alyssa, on the right in the picture.  Next to me is my awesome colleague Alicia.  Talley Vineyards is a small company, but we seem to have a knack for hiring same name employees.  Of course, Alicia and I don’t have the same name.  But our names are just close enough to confuse customers into believing we are one and the same person.

Both Alicia and I have jobs that require a lot of interaction with customers by phone and email.  Theoretically, our customer communication is centered around different topics.  Alicia is typically scheduling customer visits, following up on tasting room purchases, and answering questions about upcoming events.  My customer contact tends to be focused on wine club shipment details, updating customer information, and assisting with online orders.  But as you can imagine, there is a whole lot of overlap.

The end result of that overlapping communication and our similar names is both complicated and fun.  Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a conversation and you feel like you missed something vital?  Both Alicia and I have those phone calls on a regular basis; we know it is because the customer had previously spoken to one of us and is now continuing the conversation with the other.  We both love trying to catch on quickly and take care of the customer as seamlessly as possible.  Our sound alike names means we are also often tempted to take credit for one another’s achievements.  When I receive an email complimenting me on the wonderful visitor experience I recently offered, I want to tell the customer how glad I was to do it… even though I didn’t do it at all.  We have a favorite threat that we hold over one another, as well.  If I receive a call from an unhappy customer I can always say, “I think you wanted to speak to Alicia, not Alyssa!”  

I hope it isn’t disconcerting for our customers to learn that they might not be sure exactly who they are corresponding with.  However, I can guarantee that whether you end up communicating with Alicia or Alyssa, it will be someone who loves helping customers and ensuring everyone is happy.  I think that makes the two of us a pretty good team!  


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