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Talley Vineyards


Hedger at work in the Rincon Vineyard

“Expressive of my family’s three-generation farming legacy, every bottle of Talley Vineyards wine is produced from vines planted by our family on land that we own and farm.” Brian Talley

Along with a three-generation family farming heritage in Coastal San Luis Obispo County, a commitment to high quality and long-term sustainability are the two principles that guide Talley Vineyards' farming decisions.  The vineyards are SIP Certified Sustainable by the Central Coast Vineyard Team.  Biologically based farming techniques and integrated pest management practices are employed throughout the vineyards.  To improve soil conditions, prevent erosion and provide fertility, cover crops are maintained in all vineyard blocks. No herbicides are used.

Since the growing of premium wine grapes is highly labor intensive, Talley Vineyards employs a dedicated and experienced vineyard team to execute this critical work.  Extensive canopy management, including shoot thinning and leaf and lateral shoot removal, are employed throughout the vineyards to expose the grapes to air and sunlight.  This prevents powdery mildew and botrytis, two common problems in the cool foggy conditions typical in Coastal San Luis Obispo County, while promoting even ripening of the grapes.

Harvest is the single most crucial determinant of quality in the vineyard, and the harvest crew is mobilized at the moment the grapes reach optimum maturity.  The grapes are carefully hand harvested at night and taken a short distance to the winery, where they are immediately sorted and processed.