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Talley Vineyards

Talley Vineyards & Bishop's Peak Wines

"Our mission is to create distinctive wines that capture the special character of our place.  We strive to do our best with our people, our land, and in our community."  Brian Talley

Talley Vineyards

Talley Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery that specializes in estate grown wines ideally suited for the climate and soils of Coastal San Luis Obispo County.  The Talley Family's farming history in the area dates to 1948, when Oliver Talley began growing vegetables in the Arroyo Grande Valley.  Guided by this family farming legacy, a commitment to long term sustainability and a classical winemaking approach, Talley Vineyards focuses on attention to detail in all aspects of farming and winemaking operations.  The goal is to produce distinctive wines that capture the special character of each of the Talley family’s six vineyards.

Bishop's Peak

Bishop’s Peak wines are handcrafted by Talley Vineyards to reflect the unique diversity of San Luis Obispo County.  Farmers in the Arroyo Grande Valley since 1948, the Talley's chose Bishop’s Peak, an iconic local landmark, as the symbol for the brand.  Bishop’s Peak wines are produced in small lots from vineyard sites in Coastal San Luis Obispo County as well as Paso Robles AVA that balance production and quality to deliver exceptional value.  Some of these vineyard sites are owned by the Talley family, while others are owned by growers who share the family’s commitment to quality.  The wines are made with the same attention to detail that is the hallmark of Talley Vineyards.