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Alyssa Ball, Direct Sales Manager
October 4, 2013 | Alyssa Ball, Direct Sales Manager

The Dog Days of Harvest

After I was asked to write this week’s blog, I decided to look back through the past few entries and remind myself of the topics that have been recently covered.  It turns out it has been one topic and one topic only – harvest.  When I realized our weekly blogs had become so focused, two questions immediately came to mind. 

First of all, I wondered, “Is harvest as fascinating to our readers as we seem to believe?”  This question was fairly easy to answer and it turns out our readers do find the subject quite fascinating.  A quick check of the numbers confirmed that each week our blog readers come back to get the latest harvest news.

Scout & Buster

The second question that popped into my mind wasn’t so simple to answer.   One blog after another recounted my colleagues’ hard work in making harvest successful and I couldn’t help but think, “What is my contribution to harvest?”   Nothing came to mind.  Other than offering sympathetic looks, I don’t have a whole lot I can do to support our vineyard and cellar crews.  But desperately wanting to believe I am important to the process, I thought on until it occurred to me – my harvest contribution goes to the dogs.  Literally.

When our winemaker Eric Johnson and I ended up with dogs that are littermates, neither of us thought much of it.  I assumed my dog and I would go our way and Eric and his dog would go theirs.  But it turns out our dogs are more than brother and sister, they are also best friends.  So Eric and I are no longer just colleagues, we are the owners of the world’s greatest dogs, siblings and best buddies, Scout and Buster.  And I’ve decided that when Buster virtually moves in with me and Scout for the harvest season, that is me making my important contribution to harvest.  The winemaker may be working 7 days a week, arriving at the winery hours before sun-up, with critical decisions on his mind, but at least he doesn’t have to worry about his dog.

A few years from now, while enjoying some 2013 Talley Vineyards wine, I will look back on this harvest and convince myself I made sacrifices that helped make it a good one.  I had to deal with two crazy dogs, they may have chewed up furniture, chased my neighbor’s cat, gotten into the trash, but these are necessary inconveniences in my efforts to support harvest 2013.  

"Is harvest over yet?"



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